You can now connect Easy Insight to ShipStation, NiceReply, QuickBooks Time, and Freshworks CRM! We’ve also added in more data from Shopify and DEAR, added real time refreshes for LOCATE sales orders, and made fixes to the Zendesk connection.


ShipStation Overview

Pull in your shipping costs by connecting ShipStation to Easy Insight! You can use this integration to calculate landed costs and get a full view of costs across your entire business. You can look at costs across SKUs, stores, and marketplaces.


If you use NiceReply for measuring customer satisfaction scores, you can now add those metrics to your Easy Insight reporting. Add CSAT and NPS scores per customer to your customer support and marketing data.

QuickBooks Time

You can now add your time sheet information from QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets). You can combine that time sheet information with your project management, manufacturing operations, or other data to capture hours along with the rest of your data.

Freshworks CRM

We’ve added a connection to the updated Freshworks CRM which has replaced Freshsales. The connection works almost identically to the older Freshsales connection.

Shopify Customer Journey Information

Our Shopify integration now includes customer journey data so that you can track UTM sources for your different customers. These fields are available under the Customer Journey folder of your Shopify data source.

DEAR Purchase Order Details and Product Assembly BOMs

We’ve added putaway information for DEAR purchase order items, DEAR purchase order invoices, and their line items. We’ve also added BOM information for assembled DEAR products.

Real Time LOCATE Sale Order Refreshes

We’ve added real time refreshes for LOCATE sales orders and their line items, picks, packs, pickups, and shipping.

Zendesk Fixes

We’ve made some important fixes to our Zendesk connection as it relates to pulling over metrics such as reply time, # of replies and reopens, and resolution time in business minutes.