You can now connect Zapier to Easy Insight, track historical snapshots of your data, do real time reports on Katana, and use user tokens with Quickbase.


We’ve added a connection to Zapier! Have data that you want to get into Easy Insight that our existing connections don’t cover? You can use Zapier to add or update data within a custom Easy Insight data source. This connection is currently in beta availability, so if you want to give it a try, let us know and we’ll provide you with access. For more information, see

Snapshot Data Sources

You can set now set up snapshot data sources to record the contents of a given report on a daily or monthly basis, enabling you to report on that data on a historical basis. For example, you could record monthly inventory levels to identify mismatches between production and calculated inventory. For more information, see

Real Time Katana Reports

We’ve enabled real time reporting for Katana! Maintain up to date visibility into sales and inventory levels. You can now enable real time reporting through your Katana data source.

Quickbase User Tokens

We’ve added support for user tokens in your Quickbase connections. When creating a new connection or updating the existing configuration of a Quickbase application, you can now use user tokens.