We have a tutorial around creating a single view of the customer or project and new dashboard options!

Dashboard Drillthroughs

We’ve added a tutorial around building a single view of the customer or project through dashboard drillthroughs. Add reports from multiple systems into a dashboard, then every time you click on a customer or project name, pull up those reports to see everything tied to that record in a single view.

Single View Example

Our tutorial can be found at https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/tutorials/single-view-dashboard-drillthrough.html.

Hide on No Data

When you’re adding a report to a dashboard, you can now toggle a ‘Hide on no Data’ setting on the report. You can toggle this setting by clicking on Options -> Properties next to the report title in the dashboard editor. If the report doesn’t have any data when the dashboard is loaded, it’ll be hidden instead of showing No Data. For dashboards like the above example of the single view of the customer, this setting can help to clean up the end display to the user.

Brief Charts

We’ve also added a ‘Brief Charts’ option for reports in dashboards. If you’re displaying a large number of charts on a single screen, you can use this setting to hide the chart axes and show compact versions of the charts as shown below:

Brief Charts