We have a new connection to Katana, improvements to federated data sources, and performance enhancements for this week!


You can now connect Easy Insight to Katana! Get better business insights by analyzing the data you already have in your Katana account, creating custom reports and dashboards.

Katana Dashboard

At this point, the Katana connection primarily pulls over sales data. As more data is exposed by Katana, we’ll keep extending the connection to gradually cover everything. Take a look at our connection page for Katana for more information.

Federated Data Source Improvements

You can more easily use federated data sources to create reports and dashboards going across multiple systems. For example, if you have multiple Xero accounts, you can now easily copy the prebuilt reports and dashboards from one up to the federated source. For more information on federated sources, see our Federating Sources documentation.

Performance Enhancements

We’ve made a number of small tweaks and upgrades to our internal databases that should help with general performance.