We have a variety of new connections and new prebuilt dashboards for this week’s update.


First, we have a new connection to Shopify, including a prebuilt dashboard to help you track your store performance. This connection pulls over data around orders, customers, products, inventory levels, and abanadoned checkouts.

Shopify Overview

QuickBooks Online Prebuilt Dashboard

Next, we have a prebuilt dashboard for QuickBooks Online, adding a variety of reports to help you track what’s happening in your accounting system. This prebuilt builds on the other recent changes we’ve made to the QuickBooks Online connection to pull over other data such as a unified set of transactions and line items that wasn’t there before.

Shopify Overview

New FreshBooks

If you’re using the new FreshBooks, you can now pull over data into Easy Insight. The prebuilt for this connection is still a work in progress, but if you need to get data in now for reporting on invoices or projects, the connection is available.

Agile CRM

We’ve also added a new connection to Agile CRM. This connection doesn’t have a prebuilt dashboard yet, but if you need to look at your lead generation or sales performance in Agile CRM, the connection will pull over that data into Easy Insight.

We have more connections coming next week, so stay tuned!