You can now set up tooltips to help explain what a particular field in a report does to your users, Teamwork refreshes should run much faster, and more!


Do your users need more clarity around what a particular field is showing? You can now set up tooltips on fields to help provide inline documentation:

Tooltip on Report

You can configure the tooltip for a field through editing the field and populating text into the Tooltip property, found near the bottom of the field editor. Tooltips work on the following report types:

  • List
  • Tree
  • Summary
  • Form
  • Month over Month
  • Vertical List
  • Compare Years

Teamwork Refreshes

We’ve made some significant improvements to Easy Insight’s retrieval of data from Teamwork. Initial connections and ongoing data source refreshes should now be much, much faster, particularly for accounts with large amounts of task and/or time data.

Email on Connection Creation

If you create a connection to a system that’s going to take a while to finish, Easy Insight will now send you an email when the connection finishes creation.

Field Editor Documentation

We have a new documentation page providing information around the various settings available in the field editor. You can check this documentation out at