For this week, we’ve added a way to copy scheduled report configurations, a couple of changes to account security, and improvements to several connections.

Copy Scheduled Reports

Need to copy a scheduled report or dashboard email? You can now click on the Copy link next to an existing configuration to copy and adjust without having to recreate the entire setup.

Account Security Changes

First, you can now enforce multi factor authentication (MFA) for all users on your account. Go to Account Settings, then General Account Settings, and you can set the option. When users log in to your account and haven’t yet set up MFA, they’ll be required to set it up.

For premium, enterprise, and unlimited accounts, we’ve also added IP restrictions. You can restrict access to the general interface, access to the APIs, and access to embedded reports/dashboards to certain IP ranges. You can access IP restrictions through Account Settings -> IP Restrictions.

Data Source Improvements

We have a variety of improvements to data sources:

  • For Teamwork, we've added Teams to the data source.
  • For Salesforce, we've dramatically improved the time it takes to pull data, as well as a number of other fixes.
  • For Hubspot, we've made improvements to speed up refresh times.
  • For Freshsales, you can now add additional filters to your data source in order to pull data out of pipelines other than your default pipeline.