We’ve made our Creating Reports webinar recording available and added connections to Acuity Scheduling and Less Annoying CRM.

Couldn’t make it to our Creating Reports webinar last week?

Click on the video above to learn about how to build the various report types in Easy Insight.

Have other webinars you’d like to see? Reach out and let us know!

We’ve added two new connections:

Our connection to Acuity Scheduling enables you to create reports and dashboards on your appointments and orders. Look at trends in new vs. followup meetings, sales by product, and more. Combine your Acuity Scheduling data with other SaaS products to get a full view of the client.

Our connection to Less Annoying CRM provides our usual reporting on Less Annoying CRM’s highly flexible data. Custom fields and custom pipelines are both pulled into Easy Insight by the connection.