Create dashboards with dark backgrounds, import predefined account skins into your account, and more!

We’ve overhauled the Account Skin page. These changes include:

  • inline documentation for settings across headers, report tables, report charts, and dashboards
  • Version history so that you can easily revert if a change doesn't look right
  • Create multiple skins, allowing you to test one look and feel while maintaining another for your production users

These changes also include new options for dashboard backgrounds that help to enable dark modes. You can specify a solid or gradient background for your dashboards. To help you get started with dark mode styles, you can import predefined look and feels directly from Easy Insight by clicking on the ‘Browse Prebuilt Skins’ link from the Account Skin page:

Skin Selection

Once imported, you can modify the skin however you want, then when ready, switch your dashboards over to using the new style. The video below provides a walkthrough of the process:

All of Easy Insight’s various report types should render cleanly on the dark background now. For tabular reports like lists and crosstabs, you can choose to whether or not to use a white or dark background.

If there are additional predefined styles or other general look and feel enhancements you’d like to see, please let us know!