We’ve added nine new tutorial videos to help you get more out of Easy Insight!

We have nine new quick videos to help walk you through different aspects of Easy Insight. These videos include:

  • Column chart deep dive, including the different field options, cumulative charts, and two axis charts.
  • Crosstab deep dive, including the various row/column summary options.
  • An updated video for tree and summary reports to reflect the various changes that have happened since the original video was recorded.
  • A video to help you set up map reports, covering shape, point, and heat maps.
  • A quick guide to setting up filters on filters.
  • Walking through the field editor for dates and measures, with the various formatting options available to you.
  • Learning how to set up click to focus capabilities on dashboards.
  • Using version history on reports and dashboards to restore previous versions and roll back changes.
  • Setting up a business calendar to calculate business day and business hour durations.

You can check out all of these screencasts at https://www.easy-insight.com/screencasts.html.