We’ve added a new Zoom connection to provide reports and dashboards on meetings and webinars.

Zoom Dashboard

The new Zoom connection pulls over your lists of meetings and webinars, and the participants who attended. The prebuilt dashboard provides you with historical trend charts, lists, and calendars. Drillthroughs enable you to click into specific list of meetings and webinars, and from those lists, drill further into the list of participants.

You should be able to use this connection to combine your Zoom data with your CRM or support data. For example, you could compare your Zoom meetings with your Freshdesk or Zendesk data to see how much time your support staff is spending on doing Zoom meetings with customers troubleshooting problems. Or you could compare your Hubspot or Pipedrive data with Zoom webinar information to visualize prospects attending webinars.

If there’s anything you’d like to see added to the Zoom connection, please let us know! We’re looking at adding in webinar registration information as a next step, but we’re happy to add anything else we can to make this connection as useful as possible for you. The Zoom connection does not count as a connection against your connection limit, so if you’re already at your paid connection limit, you don’t need to add another connection to try it out. Enjoy and let us know what else you’d like to see!