We’ve got more dashboard editor improvements, chart formatting enhancements, two way calendar reports, fixes to the Jira connection, and more!.

From the new dashboard editor, you can now resize your reports by simply clicking and dragging to find the size you want to use.

We’ve added two new options for formatting your charts. From your Account Skin page, you can set legend position to always be on the right side of the chart. If set to the right, the legend will also automatically scroll instead of throwing off the chart display if there’s enough data, as shown below:


You can also set a minimum chart element width in pixels. For example, with a column chart with no minimum width, you might see the bars compress together quite a bit if the screen is small or the report is nested deep in a dashboard:


By setting a value for that minimum width, 50 in this example, the chart enforces horizontal scrolling if necessary to make the report more readable:


If you’re using a two way connection for Basecamp, Teamwork, Pivotal Tracker, or another project management system where you need to schedule or reorder tasks, you can now use calendar reports to adjust dates:

For more information, see https://www.easy-insight.com/docs/report_types/calendar.html.

Finally, the Jira connection has been improved to better connect to both Jira Software and Jira Service Desk. If you previously had difficulties with either of these connections, give it a try now!