Now, with Easy Insight’s dashboard editor, you can drag and drop reports into your dashboards, reposition reports within you dashboard, undo and redo changes, and more.

Start by creating a new dashboard or opening an existing one in the dashboard editor. Click on the Quick Actions Menu and choose Toggle New Editor Mode:

Editor Setup

With the new mode enabled, you can simply drag reports, text, and image components into the dashboard:

You can create different report layouts on the dashboard by dragging new reports into the dashboard. For example, the video below shows how to add a single report above two side by side reports:

You can also pick up existing reports in your dashboard by clicking on the Move icon next to the report name and moving the report to a new position on the dashboard:

By dropping a report on top of an existing report, you can easily replace an existing report with a new report:

You can divide a dashboard into multiple pages by clicking on Add Multiple Pages link at the top of the dashboard:

As you make your changes, you may find that you want to undo or redo particular changes. You can use the Edit menu at the top of the dashboard editor to undo or redo: