We’ve made a significant number of updates to our two way edit documentation!

Want to take all the tasks assigned to Jim across four different projects and reassign them to Lisa? You can use two way bulk updates to make changes across multiple tasks, deals, or tickets at once.

Need to create a Trello card or Teamwork task from your Freshdesk ticket? We’ve added integrations to help you take advantage of your Easy Insight data sources and copy data directly from one source into another.

We’ll be adding more of these pages over the next few days, but we’ve added explicit documentation around two way reporting for Basecamp, Highrise, Teamwork, and Trello. These pages describe the different fields you can adjust through two way reporting for each connection.

We’re getting close to making the functionality generally available, but it does still need to be explicitly enabled for your account. If you’re interested, just reach out to us at support’@’easy-insight.com and we’ll be able to set you up!