Looking to polish the appearance of your dashboards? We’ve added a few new options with dashboard tab styles, pulling page filters up to the top of the dashboard, showing help sections for each report on the dashboard, and font family customization.

We’ve added a new option for customizing the appearance of your dashboard tabs. The setting is available at an account level under your Account Skin page as the first option below Dashboard Styling:

Dashboard Tab Styling

Once you’ve changed from the default Buttons to Tabs, you’ll see your dashboard page style change to something along the lines of the following image:

Dashboard Tabs

The next new option is “Pull Filters Up”, which can be found through the dashboard editor under Configuration -> Dashboard Properties. Normally, when you have page level filters on a dashboard, they appear as their own section of filters separate from dashboard level filters, as shown in the following screenshot:

Default Dashboard Filters

Enabling the “Pull Filters Up” consolidates filters and pulls the page filters up to the dashboard filter level, presenting your users with a single cohesive set of filters:

Consolidated Dashboard Filters

You’ll also see the “Show report descriptions if available as Help sections” as another option in Dashboard Properties. If enabled, this setting will display a Help icon next to report titles if a description is defined for the report. Clicking on the Help icon will display the report description as shown:

Report Help on Dashboard

Finally, we’ve implemented Custom Font Family functionality for dashboards and individual reports. You can choose from different fonts found under Dashboard Options and Report Formatting to customize the font used. For example, a dashboard customized to Lato is shown below:

Dashboard with Lato