We’ve made several new improvements to the script highlighting for custom fields and added two new account flags to help simplify the interface for your users.

The new color scheme should help you more clearly see fields, functions, text literals, and numbers, as shown below:

Script Styling

The new highlighting will also provide an error indicator when you have a typo in a field name, as shown below as well:

Script Errors

We’ve also added two new account level flags, both of which can be found under the Settings section of Account Settings:

Account Flags

The first flag, Prevent Viewers from Using Legacy Interface, will hide the “Switch to Legacy Interface” option that comes up when you click on your user name in the upper right for the viewers on your account, helping to present them with a more simplified interface.

The second flag, No User Keys on Profile Page, hides the API key section from viewer profile pages, again helping you with interface simplification.