Our update this last weekend included improvements to Trello, Freshdesk, Quickbase, Google Analytics, and Zendesk.

The Trello connection now adds the card creation date to the Card History table, which should help you get a fuller view of how long your cards have been in different lists. We’ve also added List Board Name and List Position to help you easily sort lists by their position on the board.

The Freshdesk connection should now retrieve data dramatically faster. We’ve also added a new “Closed At” field in addition to the existing “Resolved At” field. Thanks to the Freshdesk team for their API improvements that enabled these improvements!

The Quickbase connection should also cache data quite a bit faster, particularly on tables with a lower number of fields.

The Google Analytics connection now includes Property ID to help pare down your reporting when you have a large Google Analytics account including numerous properties.

And finally, the Zendesk connection will now pull over custom fields for organizations and users. Enjoy!